CTF Guide

► What is the flag format?

Flags are normally prefixed with the word CTFAE and then inside of curly braces will be a string of text.


► What is considered cheating?

1. Attacking the scoring server, other teams, or machines not explicitly designated as targets is cheating

2. This includes both breaking into such machines and denying others access to them

3. Being directly or indirectly assisted by personnel outside the CTF.ae team

4. Altering a key, modifying a flag, Ping-flooding, Denial of Service

5. Sharing keys or providing overly-revealing hints with other teams

6. Asking people on the internet to help you solve the challenges

► What if you break the rules?

1. Instant ban and disqualification

2. Blacklist from the next CTFs

► Where to go if you need support?

Please ask your question politely in the CTF.ae Community